Studio Speicher XI

The studio at Speicher XI is our home base. It is used as a radio studio (obviously), event space, meeting room, office and living room, of some kind.

You can find the house rules on a separate page. This page is a about the technical things in the studio.

You can find an inventory of all our equipment, not limited to the studio specifically, online. Please have a look and contribute to keep it up to date, including location and info on status / functionality.

We do not lend out equipment. If we use it for external productions, we have to keep track, that all removed items actually do return. If you take anything from the studio, please write a e-mail to


  • Allen & Heath ZED-428 28-Kanal Mischpult

  • 7 Shure SRH 840 studio headphones

  • 6 Shure SM58 (including the ones in the mobile unit)

  • 2 NT2-A condensor microphones (desk mounted)

  • 2 monitor speakers

  • 6 channel multi core (XLR)

  • Compressor / Limiter Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-XL V2 (in desk rack)

  • Headphone amplifier (in extra 2U case)

  • MacMini with 2 screens (desk mounted) and one guest screen

  • 2 speakers in front of the studio / in the passage

  • a laser printer

  • 1 Pioneer DJM-400 DJ-mixer (borrowed from AStA)

  • 1 Technics 1200MK2 turntables (borrowed from AStA)


  • a very old and very cheap PA

  • 2 Audio over IP interfaces Neutrik NA2-IO-DLINE

Room Utilities

  • Dish Washer

  • Sink

  • Boiler

Again, inventory of all our equipment,




Static IP (in VLAN Lehre-Client): ` (Subnet:, Gateway:, DNS: (DNS:

Connect to MacMini remotly: ssh -L 5901:

Audio Routing on Mac

The Mac currently has two audio interfaces:

1) UMC 404 HD (4 IN / 4 OUT)

UMC is used as main out to the mixer (CH 1 + 2) and configured as default output device in OSX. Inputs are currently only used for telephony.

CH 3 + 4 are usually not easily accessible in the OS, because the don't show up as a seperate device. That is why we split the device virtually to a seperate (aggregate) device (called UMC404HD 192k Ch 3/4 Out) in Audio Midi Setup.

CH 3 is used as OUT for the telephony software, and is routed into a seperate channel on the mixer.

Here is the documentation of out the channel routing is set up:

This could also work the other way arround, for inputs. Maybe.

2) Built-in (2 IN / 2 OUT)

CH 1 + 2 Out: Used for ringer of the telephpny client (using the build in MacMini Speaker, not plugged in).

Stream Out

Stream Monitor

Speaker Out

Bar Setup

For Angrezi Thursdays we have set up "a studio" at a bar. This is a quick overview:

  • Multicore (6 Channel) at the Bar + up to 6 Microphones

  • Headphone Amp at the Bar + up to 6 Headphones

  • Dante + POE Injector at the Bar for Turntables / Mixer-Out, patched to Lehre-Client (MacMini also temporarily patched to Lehre-Client)

  • Studio Monitore patched to Aux 5 + 6 and Mics on Monitor


We have a printer in the Studio. Whooo! (HP LaserJet 1320) The printer is directly connected to Client-Lehre, you an print from there. We also now run CUPS printserver on the Server, so you can actually print from WiFi (and the Internet) as well: ipp:// (Firewalled for access from only.)

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