Logins / Accounts

Generally we try to require the least amount of logins and extra usernames and passwords as possible. Nobody likes yet another password. 😉

Of course we don't write any passwords in this public document, which everybody on the internet can read. We use a password-protected (and hopefully encrypted) storage to save the actual passwords for you to see.

The logins to most Angrezi services are currently shared username and passwords. This is true for the following services:

  • LibreTime (user: studio)

  • Fileserver (user: angrezi or artist)

  • Mac in Studio XI (user: angrezi)

  • Controller / Server Status / ? (user: studio)

  • Mailinglists (no username)

For these services use your own login:

  • LibreTime for Streaming / in Butt (user: usually your first name)

  • SharePoint: your own HfK-Account (or Microsoft-Account)

All shared logins are stored here:

Please handle responsibly!

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