Studio Space

Houserules of Castel Angrezi

The Angrezi Studio is the home base for an experimental and collective practise for around 20 – 50 people. A core crew of 5 – 10 is keeping things together, take a lot of care to prepare this room and provide the infrastructure to share time and space and work collaboratively. Here are the most obvious rules everybody should respect.

  • Please don’t smoke inside of the studio. Obviously.

  • Tidy up after using the studio. Take responsibility for a nice space for all Angrezis.

  • Wash your dishes and keep the kitchen tidy. Put on the dish washer on if you can and put all things inside (also including cups and glasses from other friendly Angrezis.)

  • If the trash bin is full please bring it outside. (paper container: in front of the HfK entrance, trash: behind the Mensa)

  • You can drink coffee, beer and limo based on donation. No money, no future drinks. We recommend a donation of 2€ since we all forget to pay once in a time.

  • You need to have an intro workshop and do a pilot broadcast to do engineering and get key access to the studio.

  • The equipment in the studio belongs in the studio. Do not steal the equipment. – Write an e-mail to if you still do so.

  • Put cables, microphones, headphones and production gear back in its place after use.

  • If you have issues or something breaks, please let the tech crew ( know.

The space is the place. 🛸🛸

You'll find a printout version of these rules on our Sharepoint along with other files about the space. There you can also find an agreement on the studio key access with the schools administration.

All technical things about our studio is documented on a separate page in this wiki.

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