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Mobile Mini-Studio

Step by step guide for the Mobile Mini-Studio

Equipment on Board

  • Mixer: A&H ZEDi-10
  • Headphone Amplifier: LD Systems HPA4
  • 4x Headphone Adapter
  • 1x Cordial RCA (Cinch) – RCA (Cinch) Cabel
  • 1x USB Cabel
  • 1x 3-Pin Power Cabel
  • 1x 24V Power Cabel
To stream on radioangrezi.de you additionally will need a computer with an internet connection.


Before you start with the setup, check if you have fulfilled all the requirements for a home broadcast. For this you can follow the “Step-by-Step from Home” guide in this Radio Angrezi documentation.
The main key points:
  • Have you sent a proposal?
  • Is your airtime booked?
  • Did you get a user account with login credentials?


Configure Butt

Before you start configuring the setup you need to install the “Butt” broadcasting tool on your computer.
Open the settings in Butt and add a new server in the "Main" tab.
  • Type: IceCast
  • Address: studio.radioangrezi.de
  • Port: 8002 (or alternatively: 8080)
  • IceCast mountpoint: /show
  • The user and password you take over from your user account.

Interface Drivers

If you are using a Windows computer, you must also install the correct drivers for the mixer/interface. You will find these on the product page.


Now you can start to connect the components together:
  • Connect the mixer/interface to the power with the 3-pin plug. Don't forget to switch it on.
  • Connect the mixer/interface to your computer with the USB cable.
All Red, Gray and Yellow knobs and faders should be set to 0 at the beginning. All Blue and Orange knobs should be centered at the beginning.
In the Audio tab of the “Butt” Settings, you can now select the mixer as the audio device.
  • Connect the headphone amplifier to power using the 24V power cord.
All knobs should be set to 0 at the beginning.
  • Connect the mixer/interface to the headphone amplifier with the RCA (Cinch) cable. Use the "Monitors Out" connector on the mixing console for this purpose.
When you are done with the basic setup it should look like this:
Now you can connect all headphones for monitoring to the headphone amplifier. If you don't need the included adapter, just put it aside and try not to lose it.
You can now also connect all microphones, instruments, etc. to the mixer. If you have never used a mixer before, you might want to look at a few tutorials first.
  • You should level each input channel with the Gain & Mix knobs.
  • You should level the master mix with the fader.
  • You should level your monitor headphones using the “monitors” knob at the mixer and the knobs on the headphone amplifier.
If everything is properly levelled, your mix should sound good. The mixer and Butt should show a maximum level of just under 0db.
Check everything three times and then hit play on Butt and


your broadcast.
Before you start with the broadcast you should listen to radioangrezi.de for a test.
Keep an eye on the shoutbox on the website. You can also use the studio view: http://talk.radioangrezi.de/studio.html
(If you run overtime your slot must be prolonged, otherwise you will be kicked out of the stream.)
Don't forget to record.