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Hello Angrezi!

Welcome to the base of knowledge, the wiki or documentation.

What is Radio Angrezi?

Angrezi is an experimental community radio based at the University of the Arts Bremen. The collective is involved with themes of voice, sound, silence, media, transmission, collaboration and space.
As of now (2020) there is no fixed (conceptual) definition the project. But, naturally, you can find quite some existing (pre-)conditions, (shared) experiences, and material infrastructures, that actually do define the project.
The latter is documented here in this wiki. Have a look in the sidebar to find topics and guides. Scroll down on this page, to find more about the wiki itself and your invitation to contribute.
This is an open wiki. Please feel invited and contribute.
To quote the studio windows inscription:
Angrezi is an experimental community radio. Angrezi creates space and time. Angrezi features sound, music, voice and live performance. Angrezi is made here and on unknown territories. Angrezi is listening to silence, noise and ambience – to music, poetry and conversation. Angrezi are listeners, musicians, performers, speakers, engineers, organisers and activists. Angrezi tries and fails, is invitation and exhaustion. Angrezi can be silent and it will be loud. Angrezi is now or never. Angrezi speaks many languages. Angrezi calls in and seeks out. Angrezi celebrates collectivity and sound. Angrezi loves you. Because you fuck*ing deserve it.
The studio is usually open during live broadcasts and for the bi-weekly plenum. Interested in broadcasting, performing, supporting, mixing or just hanging out? Join one of the introduction workshops and regular BARADIO nights.
Recieve Angrezi always live on radioangrezi.de and occasionally on 92,5 FM. Join the live ticker on t.me/radioangrezi to get notified of the next broadcast.
[email protected] 0421 9595-1212

What can I find in this wiki / this documentation?

The goal of this wiki / this documentation is to share practical knowledge in the group and to document structures for later reference, or for new people later on.
Beside the wiki you find a lot of files and documents on our Sharepoint and sound files and recordings on our own Server. But for now, the wiki is a good place to get started.

What does belong in the wiki? What could you find here?

  • Notes on how the project and the plenum works.
  • How to get started, when joining the project.
  • What do do, when you leave (or take a break).
  • "End-user" documentation for broadcasting, our studio, the server etc.
  • Technical (administrative) documentation of all technical infrastructures
  • Links to all tools we use (in the sidebar)
  • Video tutorials or step-by-step guides

What does not belong in the wiki?

  • Temporary notes, meeting protocols (aka. minutes)
  • Dates, Events and Workshop announcements
  • Passwords
  • Other sensitive data (this wiki is public to the internet)
  • Personal / Individual notes
  • Things that nobody can understand
  • Contributes that a knowingly wrong and outdated

How ask a question or contribute to the documentation?

Yes, you can contribute and you should! The collective effort of Angrezi makes it actually necessary that all involved people contribute, by
  • writing or updating content
  • asking questions
  • addressing that something is wrong or not working as described
  • addressing that something is outdated or not practised any more in the described way
  • etc.
Please contribute.
There is no danger of doing anything wrong. All versions of pages in the wiki are stored permanently on GitBook, in the background. So you can edit whatever you like. Feel free! 🙂
If you have any questions regarding the wiki itself or some technical infrastructures please write to: [email protected]. To email the plenum please write to: [email protected].
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