Server-side Recording

Broadcasts can be recorded with our server-side recorder (angrezi-live-recorder) and will be stored on the file server. Recordings can be scheduled automatically through Libretime/Airtime or triggered manually. The recorder will record the final output stream itself not your local input source (using streamripper).

Files will be named with the following pattern:%Y/%m/%d/radio-angrezi-live-%Y-%m-%d-%%H-%M-%S_%label.mp3 with %label becoming the shows title, when the recording is finished. Unfinished recordings will end in _incomplete.mp3. Recordings with out a show title will have no %label.

Automatic Recording

When scheduling a show in Airtime/Libretime the recorder will also schedule a recording automatically for all shows. (The checkbox Record form Line In? is currently ignored.) The recording will start at the beginning of the show and end with the scheduled end time.

Automatically scheduled shows can still be stopped manually. The recorder will the "ignore" the rest of the broadcast. Currently (July 2020) it is not possible to deactivate the automatic stop at the end of the show, yet.

Manual Recording

Even without scheduling a show (or without selecting Record from Line In?) you can still start and stop recording at your own time. This way you can also start a recording before the show actually starts in the calendar.

Use the web interface to start and stop the recorder.

Local Recording

If the production is really important to you and you need the recording in high quality always make a local recording!

If you would like to have the highest possible recording quality and have no dependency on the network connection and streaming server, you should do a (additional) recoding locally at your audio mixer / master out / in the studio. The streams quality is limited to maximum 320 kbit/s MP3 and the network connection can always be shaky if you are broadcasting form a remote location.

Use butt, a hardware recorder (e.g. Zoom H4) or a software solution to do a local recording.

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