On Location / Mobile


From the Mixer to Hardware Recorder

Server: Live Recorder

We have developed a little python software recorder which is recording the Stream Mixout (form the Mixer) to disk. This recording can be triggerd / restarted for the Controller.

This service is running as angrezi-live-recorder. The Source is available via live-recorder.

Installed (manually updated via git pull) at: /var/angrezi/live-recorder/. Is running by default on port 5000. This port is not opened in the firewall, and just accessed via proxy (mod_proxy) in an Apache vHost.

Deletion & Permissions

The files of the Live Recorder are watched by the service angrezi-file-watch and automatically appended with chattr +a. These files can not be deleted nor changed, regardless of access level. If you want to delete a file (be sure about it!), first remove the attribute using chattr. Manual processing of files might be necessary when running the old recording software (4GiB bug). Pause the service for this.

Server: Permanet Recorder

We run a service running as angrezi-master-recorder which is recording the Stream Mixout (form the Mixer) to disk. Files are cut every hour.

Running: /usr/bin/arecord -D stream_in_32 -c 2 -f S32_LE -r44100 -c2 -t wav --max-file -time 3600 --use-strftime "%%Y/%%m/%%d/studio-master-%%Y-%%m-%%d-%%H-%%M-%%v.wav"

Saved at: /media/storage/recordings/Studio-Master/

Stream Recorder (Co-Location / Cloud)

We run a backup stream recorder at DigitalOcean (Cloud Hosting). streamripper is used via Docker.

Recordings and SSH access is available at:‚Äč