The Plenum is the central organizational Organ of Radio Angrezi and discusses various organizational topics, such as:

  • Request regarding Productions

  • Technical Issues

  • Collaborations

  • General Developments of the Radio

  • Communication

  • Financial Issues

  • Collective Productions such as Partys, Concerts, Broadcast Series etc.

The Plenum is not the Place to discuss:

  • Individual Broadcasts

  • Exact content of Broadcasts

  • Organisational Topics concerning individual Productions

Currently the Plenum takes place bi-weekly by a group of Senior-Angrezis. The Invitation is send out via the Angrezi-Crew Telegram Group. If you wish to join the Plenum feel free to write to or ask the next person you find in the studio.

Be aware: The Plenum is good opportunity to learn about the structures of the Radio and get to know the Crew behind it. At the same time discussions in the Plenum can become tiring and not every issue can be dealt in detail since many problems and questions rise again and again.

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