How to join Radio Angrezi?

Generally there is no fixed procedure of joining the Angrezi collective. But historically some practices proved to be quite effective:

  • Join one of our BARADIO evenings: Since BARADIO is organized by Members of Radio Angrezi there is a good chance to meet one of us and get to know each other. With some luck you already learn about our structures and how you can produce your own broadcast.

  • Organize your own broadcast: Learning by doing is the core of this school. And this also counts for Radio Angrezi. Think of you own broadcast and send us the filled out Production Proposal. Don't worry, we will help you with each step.

  • Ask for a Studio Introduction: We regularly organize a Studio Introduction so you get the chance to learn about all the organizational and technical details about the studio. Sometimes we do this together as a group, sometimes individually.

  • Join organizing a collective Event: We regularly organize bigger Events such as Concerts or Partys. In such cases we often ask for support of students. Taking a bar-shift or helping setting up and cleaning is great way to enter the collective.

  • Be creative: What do you want to do in the radio? Broadcast your poems? Repaint a wall? Organize a Rave? Rebuild the entire server structure in an ultimativ night? Getting to work with a specific plan helps.

After following those Steps there is pretty good chance that you're already part of the team and developing the project.

As a reminder: Whatever creative way you choose to get in touch with the project. We're happy to welcome you.

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