Communication (to the world)

(kinda corona edition but works for most other things too)


When planning a (or several) broadcasts, you will eventually want to advertise it at some point (or, basically, let people know what will be broadcasted, and when). There are a few steps you will have to take to make a proper accouncement for upcoming shows:

  1. Collect the upcoming shows.

  2. Add shows to the LibreTime Calendar. This basically enables us to broadcast within the selected time slots, and also automatically transmits the schedule onto our website.

  3. Send an e-mail.

  4. Publish the schedule on Social Media: Facebook, Telegram Channel, (Instagram). To get access to the different accounts, ask some of your Angrezi fellas (e.g. Kaja or Isa) to help you with the log-in data.

  5. Re-Announce Shows before they are starting. This is mainly important for the Telegram Channel and Instagram.

This list helps you to remember the single steps to take; below, you will find more detailed descriptions of the single tasks. Keep in mind that step 3, 4 and 5 are, of course, not a strict science. You can always come up with alternative formats (e.g. of the e-mail text, the instagram story layouts, etc) if you'd like to, but keeping a general image – especially when a row of programs are somehow connected with each other – isn't always bad either.

1. Collect the upcoming shows

This usually happens in different ways, depending on what you want to be announced. For bigger events such as HST, we collect shows in excel sheets, while stand-alone shows are often just communicated between producer and the person who's responsible for communication at that time. Corona edition: For the "Angrezi Stays Home With You" program, we are using this sheet. Please keep it as updated as possible. You cannot always rely on it though, so before you send out an e-mail to ALLEStudierende, check with the Angrezi Crew if anything has changed within the schedule.

I admit, there is not much more to it than already mentioned above. A few sidenotes though:

It is important to know title, description, date + time, and producer (+ Pat*innen, in case of home studio broadcasting during corona) of each show. You also need to know who/from where a home broadcast is started, which will be important during step 2.

Always keep in mind that people sometimes change things – in the program, in the description, the time, or anything else. Before announcing a show, it is wise to talk to the producers one more time to make sure the shows are actually happening.

2. Add shows to the LibreTime Calendar

Every show needs to be put down in the LibreTime Calendar. As mentioned before, this is important for the broadcast, and the schedule on our website.

When logged in on LibreTime, you will find the Calendar on the leftern side of the webpage.

The "+ New Show" button enables you to create a new show. You can also create a new show via clicking onto the day you choose on the calendar itself.

Now, you only have to fill in all the important info about your show. This contains Name, Description, Start Time, End Time, and in case of mobile / home studio broadcasting (meaning all corona shows), DJ.

Good to know: You are doing a completely pre-recorded show? Check this guide on how to easily do auto scheduled show.

After filling in all the important information, hit the "+ Add this show" button at the top. And – done! You can, of course, later edit the shows (e.g. to alter the time), by once clicking on them in the calendar and choose "Edit Show".

Good to know: If you want to do a test show that is not supposed to show up on our regular website (again: all shows from the LibreTime Calendar automatically show on our webiste, too!), you can simple use "(Test) Name" as a title when creating the show. This way, they are hidden from our website, but you can still access the stream, e.g. to do (as the name might already reveal) a test show.

3. Send an e-mail

We do in general announce all our programs via our hfk e-mail address During the corona shows, these e-mails look like this and use the subject "ANGREZI STAYS HOME WITH YOU // PART X":

Dear all, xxx insert some short text to point out that this is the upcoming program, add "starting TONIGHT // 7PM" to it xxx Due to the current situation we are spontaneously starting a program for everyone staying at home. By broadcasting from several different locations spread all over Bremen, we will put together a spontaneous program for the upcoming weeks – brought to your ears only. We will update you about any upcoming shows via e-mail, our website, and our telegram channel (link below). Stay at home, Angrezi stays home with you. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// xxx add all the upcoming shows like this: xxx Thursday, April 9th, 7pm Showtitle Showdescription Friday, April 10th, 7pm Showtitle Showdescription ... ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// You can find out more about our call for participation here: Stay safe. Stay home. ❤️

Keep in mind to insert the signature within Outlook, too. In Angrezi's Outlook's Draft folder, you can already find a few drafts that contain the text above.

The e-mails usually get send to the following addresses (but you can add more if you feel like it):














(The last three are connected with the press office ("Pressestelle"))

The e-mail for the upcoming show has to be sent at least one hour before the first announced show starts. Two hours is even better.

4. Publish the schedule on Social Media

As mentioned, we use the following social media platforms for announcements: Facebook, Telegram Channel, and Instagram.

This description is specifically for the corona shows:

  • Facebook: Simply do a regular post on the Radio Angrezi Page by copying the text from the e-mail. Timewise I would suggest to do this right after you send out the e-mail. You only have to either alter the third paragraph like this: "... update you about any upcoming shows via e-mail, our website, and our telegram channel (link below)." or, alternatively, actually add the link to the bottom of the post. Publish the post, done!

  • Telegram Channel: Basically, you do the same as on Facebook. Just post the whole e-mail text without the "(link below)".

  • Instagram: At the moment, we don't publish the full program on instagram. If you have any suggestions on how to do it (or a neat idea for an actual "post" post), go for it! Instagram is nice for selective show announcments though (see below).

Please also do these posts at least one hour before the first show starts.

5. Re-Announce Shows Before They Are Starting

This is mainly done on the Telegram Channel and Instagram. It is nice to remind people of the specific shows that are coming up. This is usually done about an hour before a show starts, and the moment the show is starting.

For the Telegram Channel, the specific show text is usually just repeated once and, if possible, accompanied by an image or a .gif. Ask the producer of the show for some images in advance! You can, of course, post as many images for a show as you'd like. It can look somewhat like this, posting the announcement some time before the show starts + followed by a "TUNE IN NOW✨" or something similar the moment the show starts:

The basically same thing is happening on Instagram. Post the single show announcements in the instagram story, also some time before the show starts (suggested minimum 30minutes, max. 2hours before). When the show starts, use an image for a follow up post within the story. At the moment, these announcements look like this:

Yes, this is basically just a screenshot of the website. But keep in mind that this is actually pretty quick + easy, and it's also nice to have a visual connection between social media and our website / ci. Keep in mind that, of course, you can then post more pictures of the show / setup / theme / etc., and always tag people / do reposts / etc.

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