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Send proposal and show info to Plenum

Minimum info for a broadcast:

  • Your name

  • Your phone number + E-Mail

  • Show title

  • Show description (~ 250 characters)

  • Date, time and duration

If you did not agree with your plenum contact person on anything else, email this info to

This info will be put on the Angrezi website, the mailing list(s), the Telegram channel, Facebook, Instagram.

Each show has a fixed Pat*in (plenum contact person), which helps with announcing, setting up, testing and organising the broadcast. Please don't do solo-broadcasts. It is nice to have a helping hand (even if it is just a fallback).

Get booked airtime

Your broadcast must be scheduled in AirTime (by somebody with access, usually the coordination gang). This way it will be also visible on the website.

If you stream using your own account form a remote location, the booking must include your user account. Otherwise you will not be able to connect!

You will get your login credentials (username and password) form the tech crew or your plenum contact person. These accounts are managed in Airtime and must be "DJ accounts". Coordinators with access to the studio account can create user accounts at:

Do a rehearsal

Before your broadcast you should do a rehearsal using your setup (soundcard, computer, mixer, etc.) and a test connection. Therefore you should book a second "rehearsal slot", also including your user account. Prefix the show title with (Test), to make it invisible on the website.

Follow the detailed guide on how to stream form a remote location to set yourself up.

Your "rehearsal" will be live on the stream, available publicly. (We don't have a private test possibility yet.)

You can additionally use the testserver for an early rehearsal.

Connect to stream

If your show time has come. Connect to the stream and start the recording. Usually you should open the stream with a jingle and an announcement of what is coming up.

You find all jingles here:

If you use butt, it should look like this:

In Airtime it should look like this. The master must be disabled if you are using the show input.

Currently there seems to be an issue with liquidsoap, which causes the stream to stay silent even though your are successfully connected.

see below


Don't forget to record. (We are working on a server-side recording currently.) Local recordings have a better quality anyway, though.


your broadcast.

Keep an eye on the shoutbox on the website. You can also use the studio view:

(If you run overtime your slot must be prolonged, otherwise you will be kicked out of the stream.)

Known Issues

Stream stays silent

Currently there seems to be an issue with liquidsoap, which causes the stream to stay silent even though your are successfully connected.

Workaround 1: Manually restart airtime-liquidsoap on the server. You find the username and password in the general passwords.txt file.

Workaround 2: It could also be true, that the master source is still enabled! This would block (= silence) the show source.

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