Step-by-Step from Studio

A cheat sheet on how to start a broadcast from the radio angrezi HQ.


Angrezi Sharepoint (

Libretime / Studiobackend (

Planning a new broadcast

For very spontaneous Broadcasters: If your broadcast is neither planned nor scheduled on the angrezi website, there is some steps you need to follow before you go on air. (If your program already shows up on the angrezi website you can skip this.)

  1. As your broadcast is most likely part of a bigger radioprogram, help your peers with the planning. If your show has been discussed before proceed to step 2. If your show is a novelty to the rest of the team, it is highly recommended to visit a meeting and propose your plans. Nevertheless you can write down your proposal in a File you find on the Angrezi Sharepoint here RA HQ > Dokumente > PROGRAM > Radio Show Catalogue & Pipeline.xml

  2. Find a respective Schedule for the Day of your Broadcast on the Angrezi Sharepoint . Navigate to RA HQ > Dokumente > PROGRAM > Schedules > *YEAR* > *DATE*and fill in your show into the excel file with all required information that you can provide, most importantly your contact data. If your show is part of a bigger program, someone might want to get back to you in order to set precise start and end times for your show. In case you are responsible for the "broadcast-day" yourself, make sure to contact all participants in time to get all information you need.

  3. If your broadcast is all planned but still does not show up no the angrezi website, it is because it has not been scheduled in our broadcasting software Libretime. Navigate there and login. Logindata is found on the Angrezi Sharepoint

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