Broadcasting pre-recorded shows

What's the purpose of this?

In case the show you are planning to broadcast is pre-recorded (e.g. in form of a .wav or .mp3 file) and you are not planning on having any additional live element (such as life hosting via microphone, etc.), this option of automated streaming might be just the one you're looking for. Embedding your prerecorded show in the Playlists on LibreTime will enable you to broadcast as easy as it gets.

Step-by-step instruction

How to add your file to LibreTime

Method 1: Upload via

Radio Angrezi has a seperate upload interface at which is publicly accessible. The goal of this interface is to provide external show makers without Libretime access, an easy way to upload their shows and files. Uploaded audio files automatically appear in Libretime.

This method also has an advantage with large audio files as they can be uploaded with breaks or interrupts in between.

Method 2: Upload via Libretime

Before you can use your show file for a Playlist, you will have to upload it onto the LibreTime server. Sounds easy, and it is, but some of us have so far missed the quite visible Upload Button on the page:

Now you can simply drag your show files onto LibreTime ("Drop files here or click to browse your computer").

The files you uploaded will then appear in the Tracks list (you'll find this underneath the Upload button on the left). You will also find our jingle (radioangrezi_jingle.wav) and the corona info line (einspieler_raw.wav) within this list.

Add your tracks to your scheduled show

Now you have to add all the tracks that shall be played during your broadcast, to the show. We assume that your show is already scheduled. Otherwise: How to add a show in the calendar is described here in Step 2.

Find your show in the calendar, click on it and use "Schedule Tracks".

Now you can find or search (using the search bar above) for your tracks and add them to the show. Use the + button or drag & drop your tracks into your show (on the right hand side). Keep in mind to add the jingle before and after your show files, plus the corona info line, to your playlist.

After all tracks have been added, including the jingle, use the Ok button to save.

Please remember to turn off, both the master source and the show source if you want to use the fully automated playback in LibreTime. Otherwise the signal form the other sources will be used and overrule your scheduled programme.

Alternatively you can use a playlist. This is only necessary if playlists (or parts of playlists) shall be used more than once.

How to create a Playlist

After uploading your files you will have to create a Playlist. These are as simple as regular playlists; you basically add several audio files and rearrange them in your preferred order.

You can create a Playlist by heading to the Playlists page (one further below the Tracks button on the left). "+New" will create a new Playlist, the little pen icon will let you edit an existing one after you select it. The selected Playlist will then pop up on the right or underneath the list of existing Playlists:

After creating and naming your Playlist (it doesn't necessarily need a description, but good naming helps reducing chaos!), you will have to return to the Tracks to add the ones you uploaded to your Playlist. The 'edit box' of your Playlist will remain opened, but the list of Playlists on the left (or top) will be exchanged with the Tracklist.

Now, you can simply drag & drop your tracks into your playlist. Keep in mind to add the jingle before and after your show files, plus the corona info line, to your playlist.

You will still be able to rearrange the tracks you added to the playlist by dragging them up and down, to create the order you want. And don't forget to hit the save button when you're finished!

How to connect your Playlist to your show slot

After creating your Playlist, you will have to let LibreTime know when to play it. For this, you need a show slot in the calendar (leftern side of the webpage). How to add a show in the calendar is described here in Step 2.

When creating or editing your show, there is an option named "Automatic Playlist". You simply need to check the "Auto Schedule Playlist ?" box and select your playlist underneath.

That's it.

Good to know: If your show is, for example, 30 minutes long but you have a 1.5 h time slot in the calendar, you may also check the "Repeat AutoPlaylist Until Show is Full" box to make your Playlist repeat itself automatically within the time slot.


Congratulations, you made it! Besides the steps above, you don't have to do anything else, and your show will simply broadcast itself via LibreTime – and no, you don't have to switch "On Air", LibreTime is doing this for you as well.

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