Mobile Studio "Moped"

The mobile studio is basicly the studio at Speicher XI in a rack on wheels. With a stable internet connection and power provieded you can use it to do radio everywhere. Be sure to pack additional microfphone, headphones, headphone ambilfiers and a laptop with it.

The unit was orginally custom build for the Venice Biennale and other events in summer 2019.

Streaming form the mobile unit

  1. Setup the mobile studio on location

  2. Supply Power

  3. Supply a wired LAN connection to the WAN port. The default config requires that the host network (the one you are connecting to) provides a IP-Adress via DHCP and an internet connection without firewall limiations (espacially not on port 8001).

  4. Turn on the built-in router, if it is turned off, using the round button labeled "Power".

  5. Turn on the mixer on the back.

  6. Connection is established if both PWR, LINK and LAN led are glowing in green, on the hardware streamer.

  7. Connect your laptop to the on-board WiFi. SSID: Radio Angrezi, Password: radioangrezi

  8. Enjoy streaming!

  9. Pro Tip: Record on loction using a mobile recorder (e.g. Zoom H4)

The router does allow for many other configurations, including connecting to a host wifi network, instead of using the cable connection.

Issues?! Check these things:

  1. Is the source on the streaming server available (see below)?

  2. Is the internet connection working? Try to use and ping

  3. Is port 8001 reachable?

  4. Does your input signal work and is recieved at the hardware streamer?

  5. Is the master source turned on?

  6. Is the limiter / compressor on?

Setting up the correct source on the streaming server

The mobile studio is currently connecting to the master source as well: Either the mobile studio or the studio at Speicher XI can connect to the stream source at the same time.

If you want to connect the mobile studio to the stream stop the darkice service on the server and plugin in the mobile studio / encoder. If you want to connect the studio at Speicher XI to the stream, disconnect the mobile studio and reactivate the darkice service. As long as the source is in use, darkice will not start or the mobile studio will fail to connect.

Equipment on Board

  • Mixer: A&H ZED-14

  • Limiter/Compressor: Behringer MDX2600 v2

  • Streamer: Deva DB91-TX

  • Router: Asus RT N66U with DD-WRT (Recorder)

  • 2x SM58 Microphones

  • 1x Headphones (Audio Technica)

  • 1x Phone to recieve phone calls + as soundboard

  • TRS + Chinch Cables for other Devices

  • LAN cable 3m

  • TP-Link 5 port switch

  • Cables, Screwdriver, Tape

  • printed manuals for hardware on board

Packing list for Events

  • N Microphones

  • N Microphone Cables, e.g. 6 m

  • N Headphones

  • N Headphone cables

  • extra headphone for monitoring (on board)

  • Headphone amplifier (small rack in the studio)

  • Snake / Multicore (also in the studio)

  • cables for laptop or instrument input

  • LAN cabel, short and long

  • extra power cabels and distribtion

  • rain cover

  • gaffa tape and cable straps

  • marketing material and angrezi flag

  • extra mobile recorder (e.g. Zoom H4) for extra local recording

Configuration (for Tech Crew)

needs to be extended -- JA, 2021


The harware streamer tryes to stream to two endpoints:


  • (if in local network)

For both the source master and user source is used. Encoder 1 is cofigured for MP 3 quality level 4.

On TCP port 5000 the live PCM signal can be recieved. This was origianlly indeded to do local recordnings to the flash memory on the Router.


The router is working a Gateway / Router, DHCP-Server, DNS-Sever, Samba-Server, WiFi Access Point, ggf. WiFi Client (as Bridge).

The local storage (128 GB) is available from the local network via ( (Name resolution is configured manually with the local dnsmasq.) Sometimes the NAS (Samba) settings need to be reapplied to start the server.

You can check your the incoming bandwith at the Server (at home) with: sudo tcptrack -i enp4s0 port 8001

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