Shoutbox / Angrezi Chat

further info on the infamous shoutbox on our website.

There is a chat-box on the angrezi website (, which can be unfold by clicking on "Angrezi Chat" button on the bottom of the page. It's open for everyone to use. This means no log-in or registration is necessary. There is a field for nickname and the message text. The nickname can be changed everytime you want to write a new message.

You can also open the chat in seperate tab or browser window following these links: For a dark mode design and improved read-ability (for example on a seperate computer screen) use this link. For public presentation (for example a festival, where audience is also present at the place you are broadcasting), you can use this link for classic angrezi design freshness... :)

Administration / Backend

There is the option to adjust settings and to moderate the chat in a backend: It only needs a password to access (passwords can be found in the angrezi one drive. Please ask or let other people from the HQ know, if you plan to do so.)

Hosting / Moderating the chat

There is situations and formats that might need the participants to interact with the chat or having someone hosting the chat as a mod. Once you logged in to the backend, open another tab/browser window with the separate chat (use the links shown in the beginning of this page!). As you hover over the messages now, you will now also see extended options to delete messages or ban users. (ATTENTION: You need to be logged into the backend first, before these options appear!)

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