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We do have several mailing list for internal and external communication. This page will sort out what lists exists, and how do manage them.
A short reminder: Email is, for now, the most inclusive and reliable (even if everybody hates it). Even if you use instant messaging services, please do consider sending an email.


[email protected] Members: the plenum, the core of the Angrezi collective. Reachable: Publicly New members: By invitation only, sign-out by administrator Administration: https://mailman.zfn.uni-bremen.de/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/ra-hq
(These people should also have access to the Sharepoint group hosted with the HfK. Remember that memberships in the mailing list and the Sharepoint group are now separated and need to be managed individually.)
This was [email protected] previously. Please do NOT use that any more!
[email protected] Members: people that are or were in one way or another involved with Angrezi: Old plenum members, people from courses, people that are interested, externals. Reachable: Publicly New members: Sign-In and Out yourself Administration: https://mailman.zfn.uni-bremen.de/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/ra-friends
This was [email protected] previously. Please do NOT use that any more!
[email protected] Members: People that contributed to the programme. That is simple! Reachable: Publicly New members: by invitation, sign-out yourself Administration: https://mailman.zfn.uni-bremen.de/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/ra-artists
[email protected] Members: People that should get our broadcasts announcements: Press departments, cooperation partners, other radios, venues in Bremen. Also Telegram: https://t.me/radioangrezi Reachable: Publicly New members: by invitation, sign-out yourself Administration: https://mailman.zfn.uni-bremen.de/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/ra-promotion
[email protected] Members: People that run / keep running / make / develop the studio / the infrastructure. Reachable: Publicly New members: by invitation, sign-out yourself Administration: https://mailman.zfn.uni-bremen.de/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/ra-tech
[email protected] Members: People that are trained to do engineering, and available. New members: by invitation, sign-out yourself Administration: https://mailman.zfn.uni-bremen.de/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/ra-engineers

Mailman server

For a lack of a better solution (or a different domain provider, which is scheduled to change in Jan 2020) the mailing lists are hosted for free with mailman at the University of Bremen.
Since Jelko did not like to have addresses ending with @mailman.zfn.uni-bremen.de he cheated his way around build forwards form @radioangrezi.de to the mailman server. (Due to restrictions with one.com we could not realize list addresses with @lists.radioangrezi.de which would make future changes much easier.)
DNS MX record for radioangrezi.de: one.com mailserver
All lists are forwarded by hand at one.com!
Schema: [email protected] → x'@mailman.zfn.uni-bremen.de x and x' need to match! Because:
At each mailman list radioangrezi.de is set as host_name. This way the list actually seems to be running on radioangrezi.de, and not at the University. It's a hack. Actually it would be nice to have a mailman (or similar) that actually allows CNAMEing at lists.radioangrezi.de for example.
Conclusion: If you add lists. You need to add forwards!
-owner and -bounce -request -join -leave are not forwarded so far! That might cause a ton of problems. Let's see! ;)
In the beginning we created a few more lists. So currently (2019-03-25) we got (freshly signed up, not configured):
RA-artists RA-communication RA-friends RA-hq RA-plenum RA-programme RA-promotion RA-tech RA-engineers

list configuration cheat sheet


General Options

real_name = RA-… owner = [email protected] host_name = radioangrezi.de new_member_options = 1: Y 2: N 3: Y 4: Y max_message_size = 0


admin pw: (the one mailing list password)

Language options

preferred_language = english

Non-digest options

more specifically the %(real_name)s@%(host_name)s mailing list. list info / unsubsribe at %(web_page_url)slistinfo%(cgiext)s/%(_internal_name)s

Privacy options...

[Subscription rules]
subscribe_policy = unsubscribe_policy =
[Sender filters] generic_nonmember_action = Accept (Sure?)
[Recipient filters] require_explicit_destination = No max_num_recipients = 50
topics = Probably no, testing on RA-hq


Welcome email text file
You are now a member of the %(real_name)s@%(host_name)s mailing list! %(welcome)s To post to this list, send your message to:
General information about the mailing list is at:
Any questions? Reach out to [email protected]
Nice to have you!