Mobile Studio / Moped

The mobile studio is currently connecting to the master source as well: Either the mobile studio or the studio at Speicher XI can connect to the stream source at the same time.

If you want to connect the mobile studio to the stream stop the darkice service on the server and plugin in the mobile studio / encoder.

If you want to connect the studio at Speicher XI to the stream, disconnect the mobile studio and reactivate the darkice service.

As long as the source is in use, darkice will not start or the mobile studio will fail to connect.

Equipment on Board

  • Mixer: A&H ZED-14

  • Limiter/Compressor: Behringer MDX2600 v2

  • Streamer: Deva DB91-TX

  • Router: Asus RT N66U with DD-WRT (Recorder)

  • 2x SM58 Microphones

  • 1x Headphones

  • 1x Phone to recieve phone calls + as soundboard

  • TRS + Chinch Cables for other Devices

  • Cables, Screwdriver, Tape

Part List




The router is working a Gateway / Router, DHCP-Server, DNS-Sever, Samba-Server, WiFi Access Point, ggf. WiFi Client (as Bridge).

The local storage (128 GB) is available from the local network via ( (Name resolution is configured manually with the local dnsmasq.) Sometimes the NAS (Samba) settings need to be reapplied to start the server.

You can check your the incoming bandwith at the Server (at home) with: sudo tcptrack -i enp4s0 port 8001